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Facebook iniciar sesion hotmail gratis facebook iniciar sesion hotmail gratis

How to login to facebook – 2020

Try the test from another connection or from a cyber. If it tells you the same thing. It is Fake. It is a booby trap to redirect you to a page to tell you that you are going to disinfect, asks you for password data and there you are with your account.

This is what appears in a box when I log in, says so, for security reasons, your account is temporarily unavailable, unfortunately it seems that your computer is infected x a virus do not worry you eyudaremos to find and delete infected files immediately mind .y despues appears a small box q says, start and ago clik, and asks me q write, the name of the city where my mother was born, and I do not know, and I do not know q aser.

How to recover my facebook account – 2020

Click Edit and on the next screen, click Get Started.  Next, select the method you would like to use for two-factor authentication.  You can continue with the text message or the third party authentication application option we mentioned above.  Make your selection and click Next.

After setting up two-factor authentication, you had the opportunity to save a set of recovery codes as a backup. Perhaps you printed the code, took a screenshot or wrote it down and saved it in a safe place.

Now you must enter the data you are asked to enter below. The first thing you should do is write an email that is active and that you have access to, in it you are going to receive information about the status of your report.

The next step is very important because you will indicate to the platform that you are who you say you are. To do this you must enter this link.    It is important that you enter an identity document that is considered valid, these can be:

Solution to problems with facebook not letting you log in on

This is why actually, in order not to have to enter our usual contact details we can create a new email account specifically to create a profile on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network and we will keep our privacy safe. We can also use a cell phone line other than our own, but hiring an additional line is more costly in time and money.

Test profiles are intended for testing security vulnerabilities and not for using fake identities to interact with other users or pages of the social network. That is why this type of profiles have some limitations and specific characteristics that we should be clear about:

How to login to facebook with my username 2020 [ok

In this article I have prepared we will see how we can use this service, the ways in which FB allows us to access it and enjoy it, also provide information of interest for better use, in addition to giving security recommendations that surely will be useful to keep our account safe.

If we are using our computer (Laptop or desktop computers) the ideal is to manage the service from its own web page, for this we will not need to install anything just use our favorite web browser, the first step to do is just to go to the following web page:

One of the things that we should always try to do is to keep this App updated as this will give us greater security because with these updates errors are corrected as well as improvements are made to make the App more secure and that in the end will contribute to make your device safe, that said, the most important thing is that we will always enjoy the new functions and features that this service prepares for its users with each new update.